Moving Sale! 50% off books through June 30th

It’s true.  Our days in South Lake Union are numbered!  Destination: unknown.  We will be (mostly) off the radar for a while starting in July, but our online inventory won’t even skip a beat–in fact, it will be much more extensive.  A lot will end up in storage while we regroup and figure out where … Continue reading

It’s Raining Books!!!! April Mega Sale….

Last month we had a respectable 25% off sale.  This month, we’re upping the stakes!  Your mission, should you choose to accept it: build a stack so big you can’t see over the top of it! 25% off totals over $10 40% off totals over $20 50% off totals over $50 Well……what are you waiting … Continue reading

Bittersweet Goodbye…..

I am both crushed and thrilled to have sold one of the coolest, sexiest sets of books I’ve ever had the honor of holding within my store.  It now embarks on a long journey to Australia!  One of the great wonders and benefits of selling books online is that your market goes global–anyone in the … Continue reading

Spring Cleaning Book Sale! 25% OFF through 3/31

Now that you’ve cleared the clutter at home in a fit of Spring Fever, you now have extra room for more books!  If the stack is big enough, we might even throw in an extra 10% off or a free coffee (or both–yes, that’s a dare!)……

This is cool.

Most of the time, we’re what you might call “old school.”  A lot of what we do is decidedly analog.  But there are moments when we embrace the cutting edge of technology with reckless abandon (we are nestled into a rather tech-savvy neighborhood, after all)! When you make purchases here at the IC, you can … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Charles Dickens!

It’s a good day to NERD OUT. First off, we have a drink special today:  I present to you the “Oliver Twist”……a latte prepared with the steamed milk (or dairy alternative of your choice) and a splash of English Toffee.  Have it on ice if you’re REALLY enjoying the sunshine. And now that your coffee … Continue reading

New Art Show Coming Saturday Jan. 28th

We’re very excited to have Carlos Quintero’s art in our space again!  He was one of the very first artists to grace our walls way back in 2009, and his mad skills have been growing in leaps and bounds ever since.  Stop in soon to check it out…

Back for more again today! Open Mic is still on.

Yes, it’s true.  We’re hardcore enough to have made it here despite the ice and the odds…..another great day to curl up with a book and something piping hot to sip!  The couch is toasty warm, and there’s even a cozy fleece blanket you can borrow. We’re really looking forward to seeing who’s willing to … Continue reading

……..And we’re OPEN!!!!!

We’re here, we’re open, and the Hot Caramel Apple Cider is waiting for you!

On my way!

It’s a time-honored tradition for IC to be open on snow days… was just a lot easier to uphold when I lived 2 blocks away!  Excuses be damned, I’m leaving the comforts of West Seattle to hear that cash register sing!  Who’s with me?