No good deed goes unpunished….

So maybe I waited until the zero hour (in my true college form) to write a post at the one-year mark of my hiatus from bookshop operations.  Maybe I’m on some hacker’s shit list (?)…at any rate, I dotted all of my i’s, crossed the t’s and saved drafts repeatedly only to have two attempts … Continue reading

Virtual store victories…..

Here’s a glimpse of the storage unit where Inner Chapters presently resides…..and the lucky book that escaped last week to make a new life across the country! I had to dig deep to locate it (things have yet to be properly catalogued and organized), but you’ll be glad to know my mad skills are still … Continue reading

The next chapter…..

While the next chapter of my bookshop has yet to be written, the latest chapter of my life has just begun–and what a compelling story line it is! Conor Jason McKinney was born on August 18th. His love affair with books is off to a great start; the nursery is also home to our extensive … Continue reading

When worlds collide….

Sometimes life and business are at a crossroads.  When only one path can be chosen, which one do you take? Five years ago, my dream of owning and operating a unique second-hand bookshop was just starting to become a reality; I had a mission and, at long last, a business loan to back it up.  … Continue reading

Moving Sale! 50% off books through June 30th

It’s true.  Our days in South Lake Union are numbered!  Destination: unknown.  We will be (mostly) off the radar for a while starting in July, but our online inventory won’t even skip a beat–in fact, it will be much more extensive.  A lot will end up in storage while we regroup and figure out where … Continue reading

It’s Raining Books!!!! April Mega Sale….

Last month we had a respectable 25% off sale.  This month, we’re upping the stakes!  Your mission, should you choose to accept it: build a stack so big you can’t see over the top of it! 25% off totals over $10 40% off totals over $20 50% off totals over $50 Well……what are you waiting … Continue reading

Bittersweet Goodbye…..

I am both crushed and thrilled to have sold one of the coolest, sexiest sets of books I’ve ever had the honor of holding within my store.  It now embarks on a long journey to Australia!  One of the great wonders and benefits of selling books online is that your market goes global–anyone in the … Continue reading

Spring Cleaning Book Sale! 25% OFF through 3/31

Now that you’ve cleared the clutter at home in a fit of Spring Fever, you now have extra room for more books!  If the stack is big enough, we might even throw in an extra 10% off or a free coffee (or both–yes, that’s a dare!)……

This is cool.

Most of the time, we’re what you might call “old school.”  A lot of what we do is decidedly analog.  But there are moments when we embrace the cutting edge of technology with reckless abandon (we are nestled into a rather tech-savvy neighborhood, after all)! When you make purchases here at the IC, you can … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Charles Dickens!

It’s a good day to NERD OUT. First off, we have a drink special today:  I present to you the “Oliver Twist”……a latte prepared with the steamed milk (or dairy alternative of your choice) and a splash of English Toffee.  Have it on ice if you’re REALLY enjoying the sunshine. And now that your coffee … Continue reading