No good deed goes unpunished….

So maybe I waited until the zero hour (in my true college form) to write a post at the one-year mark of my hiatus from bookshop operations.  Maybe I’m on some hacker’s shit list (?)…at any rate, I dotted all of my i’s, crossed the t’s and saved drafts repeatedly only to have two attempts at posting FAIL.  Miserably.  It would appear on the home page and then disappear–drafts and all–like I was in the Twilight Zone.  Really?!  Here’s hoping that the third time will be a charm.

As I was saying, July 3rd, 2012 was more sweet than bitter; a very pregnant Kristina made a final latte (while still barely able to reach the espresso machine) and rang in a final book sale for the South Lake Union location.  No more rolling out of bed at 5 am to catch multiple buses on a mad swollen-ankle dash to pick up cups/lids/napkins/chocolate sauce and still be open–bright eyed and bushy tailed–at 8 am sharp.  To be fair, I still get out of bed at the crack of dawn with the wee one, but at least I get to stay in my PJ’s until stroller-thirty if I so choose!

This is an ode to my loyal and frequent customers, who shall remain creatively anonymous (but you know who you are, it should be relatively easy to recognize yourselves)!  Since brevity is the soul of wit, I’ve categorized my faves; otherwise this will become one of those abysmal “I’d like to thank the academy” Oscar acceptance speeches; there truly are too many people to thank.

  • “My” Naturopaths: Students at Hogwart’s School of Medicine and Awesomeness (aka Bastyr University) “Harry Potter” and the gang, you are much, much more than customers to me.  I can now call you true friends–such a rare and special gift to a business owner.
  • Pilates Sweethearts: A handful of clients/staff from the hen house next door made serving what I came to call “mat trash” ten times more tolerable.  Thanks for being awesome (and for waiting patiently when I often showed up late on Saturdays).
  • Starving students/academics/writers: Your energy and creative caffeine-fueled drive filled the air with hope, even on the most desperate days.
  • Quirky conversationists: People don’t just talk to each other spontaneously anymore; the gift of gab is becoming a lost art.  Thank you for enabling me to leave the dishes for later!
  • Savvy book traders: Your ability to arrive with one stack and leave with another (no money ever changing hands!) is a skill that will serve you well when the technocalypse is upon us.
  • Residents of the run-down seafoam apartment building around the corner: Doctors may make the worst patients, but service industry employees make the BEST customers.  Thanks for keeping me laughing!  (I really wish I could go into individual detail here, you’re all very unique and brilliant)
  • Patients and families from the nearby cancer research and treatment center: You truly understand the importance of the simpler things in life.  We were so lucky to be your nearest bookshop and coffee bar!
  • Open Mic performers and cheering section: We rocked the 400 block of Fairview so hard it may never know what hit it.
  • Everyone who went out of their way to visit us on a regular basis: Keep fighting the good fight to support local small business–you ARE making a difference!
  • Honorary staff: Asking for help is one of my greatest ineptitudes; thanks for insisting.

So, that’s the condensed version?!

The bizarre disappearing act of my previous attempts to post was clearly a sign that this site needs a drastic change.  The ode to my cherished customers marks the last chapter of this blog as you know it.  A transformation is about to take place; Volume 2, Chapter 1 shall begin shortly……

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