This is NOT a funeral.

We’re not going out of business.  We’re just going under the radar.

To all the Negative Neds and Debbie Downers who insist on coming in here and spreading their smug “Sorry to hear you’re closing” misery icing on our last 2 weeks here:  STOP.

After July 3rd, we will no longer be in operation at 419 Fairview; this much is true.  And for some, that is where Inner Chapters will permanently end.  But this is a time when you really find out who your friends are, isn’t it?

Fact: With the impending end of our lease here, we made the decision some time ago (unbeknownst to our customers) that we would not be exercising the option to renew it.  Thus ends our operation at this location, and yes, we are leaving BY CHOICE.  Finding a new location is complicated and takes time; would you sign a lease on a high-rent, high-risk apartment or house if you weren’t sure of it?  In a perfect world, we would already have another location up and running (with a full staff to cover the owner’s maternity leave), creating a seamless transition for everyone.  But that perfect world simply doesn’t exist.  Welcome to the real world of owning and operating a small retail business!

Fact: Our future, just like everyone else’s, is UNKNOWN. While it is true that we all come to depend on our favorite businesses to provide what we want and need, nothing is forever.  Please try to remember that these wonderful, charming homes away from home are run by human beings–complete with lives and limits!  As much as we would love to provide for your every whim 24-7, a line must be drawn somewhere, sometime.

Fact: Our book inventory will continue to be available for purchase. That’s right!  You CAN continue to support us through this transition.  While only 15% of our current stock is listed on the internet, very soon every last volume will be available to our loyal customers even in the absence of a brick-and-mortar location.  If you live in the greater Seattle area, it may even be possible to skip the online transaction altogether and pay cash for personal hand-delivery to your front door.  This option is only an email away, so don’t hesitate to use it!!!!

Theory: We will rise again, in another form, at another point in spacetime. This obviously can’t be promised (see fact #2), but it is well within the realm of possibility.  There are neighborhoods out there that are desperately in need of a business like Inner Chapters, and if the right things fall into place at the right time (unlike our first attempt) another incarnation will prove to be even better than the first……..

2 Responses to “This is NOT a funeral.”
  1. jason hanner says:

    Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors (be they baby or business related). I am sorry to see the Fairview location close (primarily for selfish reasons), but I’ll get over it. Thanks much Kristina,

  2. rtotten says:

    I love your book store and cant wait to see where you go next, good for you and so happy for you with your new bundle of joy!!

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