Eat, Drink, and Be Merry (and then Drink some more!)


You won’t hear much in the way of obnoxious Christmas music during the holiday season at IC…..with one exception!  We play tracks from “Meowy Christmas” by the Jingle Cats upon request.

We thought Anthem Cherry Cider would just be a summer thing, but it’s still sought after from far and wide–so it’s staying on tap!  Don’t worry, the festive deep red color will match your Christmas sweater.

On our rotating tap, enjoy the winter warm of BRRR Red seasonal ale from Widmer (Portland).  It’s malty, hoppy and delicious!  Munch on our spicy toasted pumpkin seeds between sips.

Tea Geek Alert!!!!!! Our shipment of Teatulia has just arrived, and the water’s always hot, so get after it already!

What’s better than a bologna & cheese (Mama’s Boy) or  Fluffernutter sandwich?  A tall boy (pint) can of Genesee beer to wash it down, of course!



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