No good deed goes unpunished….

So maybe I waited until the zero hour (in my true college form) to write a post at the one-year mark of my hiatus from bookshop operations.  Maybe I’m on some hacker’s shit list (?)…at any rate, I dotted all of my i’s, crossed the t’s and saved drafts repeatedly only to have two attempts … Continue reading

I’m Not a Hater!!!!

After a scathing (yet cathartic!) post like my previous one, I feel like I need to sing the praises of my beloved regulars, Amazonian and otherwise…….nicknames have been inserted to protect the innocent (or leave a shadow of doubt in the guilty).  Y’all know who you are, so thank you for filling my life with … Continue reading

Keep Your Frenemies Close, Part II

And so the swarm of blue badges descended upon us like a plague of locusts….. Before I begin, let me say that it feels good to finally speak candidly about this experience.  I chose my battles and words carefully for more than 2 years because these people were my customers.  I neither wanted to offend … Continue reading

Keep Your Frenemies Close, Part I

If I had a dime for every time I’ve been asked “Did the internet kill the book business?”…….I would have a LOT of dimes. The short answer to the question is no.  Absolutely not!  Did the internet change the book business?  Yes.  The internet changed a great many things about life as we previously knew … Continue reading

Sus & Chlo On the Go!

Inner Chapters is featured about 2 minutes into the Seattle episode of this web travel series! Watch Kristina make latte art look easy…….

Virtual store victories…..

Here’s a glimpse of the storage unit where Inner Chapters presently resides…..and the lucky book that escaped last week to make a new life across the country! I had to dig deep to locate it (things have yet to be properly catalogued and organized), but you’ll be glad to know my mad skills are still … Continue reading

The next chapter…..

While the next chapter of my bookshop has yet to be written, the latest chapter of my life has just begun–and what a compelling story line it is! Conor Jason McKinney was born on August 18th. His love affair with books is off to a great start; the nursery is also home to our extensive … Continue reading

This is NOT a funeral.

We’re not going out of business.  We’re just going under the radar. To all the Negative Neds and Debbie Downers who insist on coming in here and spreading their smug “Sorry to hear you’re closing” misery icing on our last 2 weeks here:  STOP. After July 3rd, we will no longer be in operation at … Continue reading

R.I.P Ray Bradbury 1920-2012

Last week, we said goodbye to one of the greatest authors (sci-fi or otherwise) ever known.  To celebrate his prolific literary life, 2 drink specials are currently being offered at Inner Chapters….of course, we have a few of his books left in stock–but not for long! “The Martian-mallow Chronicles”: A delicious 12 oz. dark chocolate … Continue reading

When worlds collide….

Sometimes life and business are at a crossroads.  When only one path can be chosen, which one do you take? Five years ago, my dream of owning and operating a unique second-hand bookshop was just starting to become a reality; I had a mission and, at long last, a business loan to back it up.  … Continue reading